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The battle to prevent internet misuse in the workplace has been a long one. Employees face a plethora of temptations and risks when they log on to their work computer and go online, from social media and chatrooms to video games and video streaming.

Despite the internet’s ability to streamline communication and work projects, as well as its general ease of use and convenience, it can also be a significant detriment to any company’s productivity and security levels.

According to research 30 to 40% of employee internet activity is not related to work. According to other research., this high level of personal internet usage at work costs US businesses $63 billion in lost productivity each year.

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The following are the most common ways in which employees misuse the internet at work:

The Internet of Things

Streaming video

Online chat rooms

Computer games

Emails sent to individuals

Online purchasing

Entrepreneurship on the side

However, internet misuse in the workplace costs more than just billions of dollars in lost productivity. When an employee browses the internet freely, they may unknowingly visit one of the thousands of malicious websites that are registered on a daily basis. These cybersecurity threats can be as damaging to a business as any amount of lost productivity.

The following are the most common internet-based cyber security threats in the workplace:

Scams involving e-mail

Websites infected with malware

Social engineering

According to this study, companies can expect their employees to spend 16 of the 40 total hours of an average workweek doing something other than working. And, with the near-infinite online distractions and cybersecurity threats constantly evolving, there is no reason to expect a reduction in these already alarming figures.

Not only does careless internet usage expose your company to lost productivity and increased security risks, but it also reduces network performance as employees visit bandwidth-hogging websites like YouTube. When network latency issues slow down your network, your entire staff will be affected by excruciatingly slow network speeds, causing projects to take longer than they should.

Though no company can prevent illegal sport streaming websites from providing high-quality services or cybercriminals from launching sophisticated cyberattacks, every company and management team can implement internet usage policies to help minimize threats to their productivity and security.

Controlling internet access at work is difficult, but not impossible. Let’s look at some of the policies and practices that businesses should implement to prevent workplace internet misuse.

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