Big Protection for all users

We are here to catch the risks you can’t see. We want you to run your business and let us run your security.


Why choose us

VantagePointe has partnered with leading cyber security providers to deliver a seamless platform for small businesses

Personalized touch

Our team will work with you to help scope the right products for your needs.

Best of Breed

We partner with the best technologies in the world to deliver our services.

Time to value

Within minutes you and your. company will be protected from cyber risks.

Value for money

Smaller companies can now afford high end cyber sevices

Monthly visability

We will provide you with full visibility into all cloud, web and data movement.

No hardware

Due to our delivery model, customers no longer need to worry about hardware maintenance.

Progress Tracker

Monitor and enforce acceptable use policies

Web Security provides web content filtering for over 120+ categories, covering languages for over 200+ countries and 99.9% of the active web. With our partnerships we also provided dynamic web page classifications, custom categories, app categories, YouTube categories, and silent ad blocking, as well as a site lookup tool and reclassification service.

Smart Notification

Cloud Security for all users

Confidently adopt cloud applications and services – without sacrificing security for your small company. Manage the  unapproved movement of data to  cloud apps with  context of app risk and user risk, while making security  security workflows with intuitive policy controls and incident response management.

Fun, Varied Workout

Remote Access everywhere

With our partners, we provided a global security cloud for securing and managing remote workers’ control to websites and cloud applications. We offer a  seamlessly and securely connects remote workers to their private applications in the data center or public cloud using Zero Trust Network Access.

Based on 420K reviews
"Cyber Security has always been to hard for a company of my size. With VantagePointe we were able to quickly get our 5 employees secured while delivering no impact to our business.."
Emily Watson
"We are a 10 many company with all users off site - We wanted a way to control users behavior while accessing the internet and our cloud apps remotely."
Tina Oliver
"We hold many credit card details in our companies networks Due to recentl regulations, we needed an easy way to get visability into all credit card movement out of our network. VantagePointe made it easy for us.."
Jennifer Dunn
"Risus risus natoque urna faucibus felis netus dictum fames duis ultricies mi habitasse potenti nisi, enim euismod nec dolor, in sed neque sit mauris mattis facilisi nisl augue nulla augue sed quis."
George Weah
SME Business Owner
"With our teams now working remotely, we needed away to monitor intenet usage. VantagePointe web product helps us with seamless controls.."
Dan James
SME Engineer
"We use many cloud apps within our company and we needed way to control POPI details from leaking out to unapproved cloud apps. VantagePointe gave us an easy way to control this."
Emma Tan
Small School
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