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The pandemic has done more than keep us indoors, it has completely reshaped the way that businesses function with the transition that was made to working remotely.  Having a small business that has survived is a true testament to your abilities as a leader, now it’s time to protect your business from cyberattacks moving forward by following these top three tips:

  1. Protect Your Cloud

Your business cloud is the most essential access point for your business as it stores all of your data, applications, and other critical information. Take a look at the infrastructure that you have chosen to utilize and check out the protection requirements, or the tools that provide threat detection across your cloud. Once you determine your threat level you’re able to be proactive in your cybersecurity.

  1. Inform Your Employees of Your Strategy

Your remote employees also run the risk of experiencing a cyberattack that can place your business at risk and they will look to you for guidance. Be open and transparent about the procedure to follow in a crisis situation allowing for any questions to be asked. Communicate clearly the expectations of all parties involved including how to manage feelings of overwhelm and the channels available to solve the issues at hand. Then, keep the entire team updated with continuous education around security practices and on how to avoid becoming a victim of a cyber attack.

  1. Balance Your Budget with Security

In the long run, a cyberattack can cost tens of thousands of dollars to recover from. Although being a small business also comes with having a small budget, your cybersecurity is an investment that can pay off better than most insurance. There are many cost-effective services available to small businesses that provide protection to both the cloud and your remote employees simultaneously without the need for a dedicated IT administrator. To protect your small business, check out VantagePoint security for more information.

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